Importance Of Social Media Screening

WHO – Anybody applying for a position of employment, volunteer services or in special instances such as the acquisition of a business partner, hiring of contractors, nannies, CPAs, lawyers, etc.

WHAT – A pre-employment social media screening is the practice of researching an applicant’s existing and past profiles and associated activities on social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and elsewhere.

WHEN – These screenings are typically performed when an offer of employment or volunteer position is made.

WHERE – With Stellar Background Checks, these searches can be conducted from any where in the world with a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

WHY – The intent is to learn more about the applicant’s social background and determine if there are issues/concerns that the company should be aware of before offering a job.

HOW – Disclosure and consent must be obtained in cases of employment.  Then, the applicable criminal databases are searched along with federal, state and local jurisdictions.

Social media screenings will quickly uncover information that could indicate an employee might not be a good fit for the company.  There are “red flags” that may not actually inhibit one’s ability to perform a role but that happen to raise concern to the employer.  The following examples are posts or comments that may influence an employer’s hiring decision:

  • Unlawful activity (drugs, underage drinking, etc.)
  • Racist or sexist comments
  • Violent or aggressive behavior (including trolling or stalking)
  • Sexually explicit material
  • Confidential information

Stellar Background Checks understands that your company seeks to hire responsible, well-informed people to ensure a safe and respectful workplace.  Social media screenings can help achieve that goal.

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