International Background Screening

Importance Of An International Background Screening

WHO – Anybody applying for a position of employment, volunteer services or in special instances such as the purchase of a firearm, acquisition of a business partner, hiring of contractors, nannies, CPAs, lawyers, etc. that has lived outside of the United States for screening period.

WHAT – Depending on the position and circumstance, an applicant’s entire criminal record, address history, educational history and employment history can be searched, including data bases that include federal, regional, province, state, local, sanctions/terrorist/prohibited parties and sex offender records.  Common time frames include a 7 year, 10 year and lifetime search.

WHEN – International background screenings are typically performed when an offer of employment or volunteer position is made, when applying for a firearm license or on a continual basis at the discretion of certain employers.

WHERE – With Stellar Background Checks, these searches can be conducted from any where in the world with a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

WHY – International background screenings are necessary to show the applicant’s past “foot print” overseas in the areas described above.  Additionally, these screenings are often performed along side a U.S. screening.

HOW – Disclosure and consent must be obtained in cases of employment.  Then, the applicable criminal databases are searched along with federal, state and local jurisdictions.

A comprehensive employment screening program should include international background checks for candidates living abroad, and those living in the US who have previously lived, studied, or worked in other countries.

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