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Education Verification

Education Verification

Need to verify past employment, check education, contact a professional reference or determine if they hold a valid license? Our verifications team will get the information you need. Fast.

Driving Background Checkup Image

Driving Background Checkup

If your employees will be driving any vehicle to perform their job duties or even operating a forklift, you’ll want to order their driving record, to find out if they are a safe driver.

Employment Screening Image

Employment Screening

Employment screening involves checking a candidate’s job experience, work tenure, job title, reason for resignation and employee conduct. An employment history check can help whether the candidate worked at the companies for the period of time they stated.

Criminal Background Checkup Image

Criminal Background Checkup

If your candidate has been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor, youʼll want to know the details. Stellar Background Checks has the tools to make sure you do. *Criminal database accuracy can vary.



In a direct comparison with more than 1,000 screening vendors, Stellar Background Checks provided the fastest turnaround time. Onboarding the right person as quickly as possible boosts morale, increases productivity, and ensures that critical functions are completed on time.


In a nationwide market research study, Stellar Background Checks rates were determined to be typically 15-30% lower than most competitors. A dollar gained in revenue is great, but only a small portion reaches earnings.A dollar saved from costs, however, goes directly to the bottom line of your company.

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In a nationwide market research study, Stellar Background Checks rates were determined to be typically 15-30% lower than most competitors. A dollar gained in revenue is great, but only a small portion reaches earnings.A dollar saved from costs, however, goes directly to the bottom line of your company.

Customer Service

Customer Services

Turning down the right candidate due to inaccurate records hurts, and hiring someone with unreported criminal records is devastating. Stellar Background Checks is founded upon delivering the most accurate results, especially as orders start to approach 5,000-20,000 in a given month.

Overview of Services in Ann Arbor, MI

There are thousands of people living in Ann Arbor, MI, and the great majority of them may provide employers with promising abilities and skills. Thus, it takes time to find the perfect candidates to assist your business, and that’s understandable. We, at Stellar Background Checks, can speed up the process to help you identify the right candidates more quickly and with less effort.

Our services include:

  • Criminal Background Screening
  • Driving Records
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Social Media Screenings
  • International Screenings
  • And more…

It’s not difficult to find the proper talent in Ann Arbor, MI. You can quickly identify the best candidates by gaining a general understanding of the background and experience of the talent pool.

Employment Verification Background Checks in Ann Arbor, MI

It is a must to confirm an applicant’s employment history, regardless of the kind of professional you are searching for. This is particularly true in fiercely competitive places like Ann Arbor, MI.

With this kind of background check, you can get a detailed list of someone’s previous jobs. This covers information that has been made public about degrees, certificates, licenses, and other credentials.

The procedure is carried out in the best interests of the applicants and complies with both federal and Ann Arbor legislation. Following the acquisition of disclosure and consent, background checks are completed by having the right agencies verify an applicant’s job, criminal, and educational history.

With Stellar Background Checks, you may use your PC, laptop, or even mobile device to perform your due diligence on applicants. In turn, this safeguards the integrity of your company and the welfare of your clients by helping you locate the best candidates for employment in Ann Arbor, MI.

If background checks aren’t done, your company could face a number of issues like subpar performance and behavior from employees, decreased sales, and more.

Criminal Background Check Screening in Ann Arbor, MI

It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure the ongoing safety of your company and, above all, that of your clients and staff. Doing criminal background checks on any prospective employees is one method you may protect them in Ann Arbor, MI.

Such background checks are important whether you’re looking for educators, attorneys, contractors, customer service representatives, or anybody in between.

Most of the time, an applicant’s whole criminal history must be reviewed in order to benefit companies.

The following will be reviewed by these searches:

  • State, local, county, and federal databases
  • Sex offender records
  • Sanctions/terrorist/prohibited parties
  • Healthcare bans
  • And more

Ensuring applicants are eligible to serve both the general public and companies is the goal of these kinds of inspections. Although many believe that this leads to discrimination, background checks of this kind are required to guarantee everyone else’s safety. Employers ultimately have the final say over whether or not to hire a candidate based on their findings.

These checks are important when applying for a job, a firearm license, and other things. These kinds of services are typically quite expensive and difficult to find. Any Ann Arbor, MI, employer will find it simpler to do background checks with Stellar Background Checks by allowing them to do so from the convenience of their desktops or mobile devices.

You can assess an applicant’s behaviors and attitude through criminal background checks and determine which roles they are most likely to succeed in.

Our Process

Our Process


Login, select your package and enter the applicant’s information. This can be done by you or through an email invite sent directly to the candidate.


When the order is submitted, the individual searches are automatically routed to internal and external researchers.


All information is then compiled into a draft report and routed to our Quality Assurance (QA) team.


Our QA specialists are trained to verify information on the report for accuracy and compliance.


When QA is complete, the report is delivered to the client via email, as a link or a PDF.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a background check show?

There are different types of background checks, since each provides different information (i.e. criminal history, prior employment, education, and workforce monitoring checks). Regardless of the type of background check, however, the results are subject to strict privacy regulations.

What does effective pre-employment screening include?

Pre-employment screening programs typically include a criminal background check conducted at the court for each place a candidate has lived in the last seven years. In addition, employers should verify all degrees, licenses, and work history of the applicant at each company where he or she has worked in the last seven years.

Do I need an applicant’s authorization to conduct a background check?

Pre-employment screening distinguishes between authorization and disclosure. In addition to obtaining permission from an applicant to search various sources of information, it is required under the regulations and some state consumer reporting laws to disclose to your applicant that you are procuring a background check.

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